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I come to tell a tale -- a tale of deeds bold, brave and above all foolhardy to the point of stupidity!

But enough about my dentist, already.

momentsmusicaux, myself and possibly also Philip J Fry share a dream -- a dream of founding a crime-fighting duo with a beautiful woman.  Not the same one, of course.  And robots can join in, if they bring costumes.  But this is a good dream, if one destined never to come to fruition.

Anyway, in consequence, one night we were having a discussion of superheroics, and, like that last paragraph, it got a little out of hand, and before I knew it, momentsmusicaux had started writing a story!  Then, before morganaus knew it, I had joined in!  Pretty soon, dozens of people didn't know what was going on and the whole thing went splerng.

So, we founded a community to keep our story in.

And here it is!

Over to you, momentsmusicaux.
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